What's Rougemine?

What is this new phone application? Is it yet another client for the amazing and well known Project management application Redmine? WRONG!

It is THE mobile solution developed by experience users of Redmine. Can you believe it is free?

Find the app on:

Add an endless number of accounts.

Your whole customer management centered in only one tool.

The application enables multiple Redmine account management. Navigate from one account to another with a swip of finger, without logging off.

Rougemine offers a range of colour coding to differenciate your accounts.

On smartphones or on tablets

Whether you're connected from a smartphone or a tablet, Rougemine adapts to your needs and enables you to follow your projects whenever you are.

A real pocket Redmine

Managing your workload has never been that simple.

On your dashboard, find the last working time entries and requests affected to you.

Define your tasks priorities and manage your projects efficiently.

*Requires Rougemine plugin for Redmine versions lower than 2.2.

Smart Banner

Save time and access Rougemine application directly from email notification for optimal use.

*Requires Rougemine plugin for iOS 6 versions

An enriching experience!

Multiply the experience by installing the plugin in your Redmine and benefit from all the application fonctionalities.

More info on the Plugin page.